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What Can Separate Us From The Love Of God?

The Love of God a Big Phenomenal

The love of God is a mind-blowing phenomenon, it is incredibly broad and difficult for the human mind to comprehend. So many questions come to mind when we think of such a BIG God who has such BIG love for us. I have found the love of God so difficult to wrap my head round that sometimes when I ponder upon it I get a v headache. Why do I find it so difficult to accept the best type of love anybody can ever receive?

I have realised that the reasons come in many shapes and sizes, tailored to each individual’s circumstances. Personally, I have struggled with the concept of the love of God because of the difficult situations that life has dealt to me consistently. In the little time I have spent on earth, I testify that I have been through a lot, situations of which I had no hand in getting myself out of (Insert music... Glory to God forever!). Throughout these difficult times, I did not consider the love of God, in fact I did not think I was loved, and I definitely did not love myself. I also believed that God did not love me, at least the way I wished him to. I did not feel that I deserved the love of God and that I was perfectly happy outside the love of God.

However, those words laced with false bravado meant nothing, I secretly hoped that God still sort of cared for me and believed in me. This was important to me because the hope that God still loved me got me through in many ways. My hope was in relation to my own love for God, I had hoped in my love for God not in his love for me, with everything I was going through, with every sin, with every pain, I confessed and told God I loved him. I was very well aware that if I did not have God and if I did not love God, there was no point to my life.

What can separate us from the love of God

I believe the question “what can separate us from the love of God?” should be reflected upon by all believers. No matter how much we read the Bible and believe that God loves us, when things start to crumble around us, we still find it difficult to stand on the word of God.

For me, John 3:16 was my all. It never gets old.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”

John 3:16

I have memorised this popular bible verse from a young age, but I realised that I was still too young in my belief to understand what God was saying. Even up until now, I still do not realise the full capacity of God’s for me, it is far beyond the death of Christ. The Love of God does not end at the death of Jesus Christ. We have a big God with a big heart but sometimes, just sometimes I still feel separated from the love of God. I start to believe that something, someone, some attitude, some behavior, some reasoning or thought can separate me from the love of God. How silly of me! those things don’t even compare to God’s magnitude.

I’m sure you’ll agree with my standpoint that the love of God is an interesting topic that needs more than one post or preach to really get into it, therefore this topic is going to be a series! It will explore what the love of God means, our notions of what can separate us from the love of God and how to overcome our feelings of separation.

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Prayer and Confession:

Lord I pray that as I partake in this series, touch my heart to receive from you. Help me to learn what your love means and who you are to me. I receive what you have for me throughout this series. Speak to me like never before. Help me to recognise that your love goes far beyond your death. Amen.


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