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Godly Youths Ministry

We are a Christian Charity passionate about youths (children, young people and young adults) and their affairs. Our main aim is to bring youths to the knowledge of Christ and His unfailing love. We want youths to connect with Christ and have a real and true relationship with Him, we want youths to live a life worthy of eternity in Heaven. We want heaven to be filled with vibrant youthful laughter. 

Our Statement of Faith

Statement Of Faith

We believe in the one true God, we believe that God is eternal. We believe that He sent His son Jesus Christ to the earth for our sake, the sake of the world and to save us all from eternal damnation. We believe that the Holy Spirit is our comforter who helps us to live a Holy life. We believe that we are saved only by the Grace of God, therefore, we believe that our salvation is not by our own works but through the love of God. We believe that Heaven is for those who have given their life to Christ and are living in  accordance to the Holy Word of God. 

What We Do 

We promote the Christian faith amongst youths (Children, Teenagers and Young people) and encourage as well as enlighten youths in the Christian faith by providing workshops, events, clubs and creative productions which in turn gives them a voice and a platform to showcase their talents.

We empower and encourage parents, teachers, volunteers as well as other Christian organisations to support youths and their faith and Christian walk. We provide practical steps and support for youths, parents, and organisations on how to navigate issues that affect the young people using biblical principles.

Ecclesiastes 12:1,
“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honour him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.

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