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Elevate FT Godly Youths

Updated: May 12

Elevate was a youth programme at the Empowered Committed Christians Ministry. The church is located in Blackley, Manchester. We were privilege to facilitate a session at the event. We presented a thought provoking activity with the youths and parents in the church.

The thought provoking activity involved scenarios (facts and real life people) and made up stories to for the audience to predict the futures.

We had stories about Nick Vujusic, Sarah Jakes-Robbert and Joyce Meyer.

The audience were given short information about them and they had to predict their future. The were really good and were aware of this people which made the session even more interesting. The discussion was beautiful as young and old got involved. People had the opportunity to speak out, give their opinion and their own experiences

We got people to follow us on Instagram and we picked a winner.

Divine was our winner and got a price.

Mercy and Gloria were the host of the session. They did amazingly and engaged everyone, they made everyone laugh and ensured that people from back to the front were involved and interacting.

It was an amazing experience. We hope to do more to the Glory of the Lord Almighty

Elevate ft Godly Youths


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