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Youthful Days 2018

Updated: May 12

Youthful Days is Godly Youths Ministry annual event. We had our first one on the 3rd of November 2018. It was such a memorable day. The event was birth at a leadership programme about vision and missions in 2016. We are grateful to God that Youthful days, which is the first event of Godly Youths Ministry happened this year, we thank God because it happened in the right place and in the right time.

Youthful Days is an event which aims to bring the young and old together to worship and serve the Lord. The event aims to showcase various talents and gifts. At every Youthful Days event GY.M production will be releasing a film. We believe people can be encouraged, impacted and blessed in the Lord with the use of creativity, drama and many more.

Youthful Days 2018 had a lot to give, we had different performance and act. We also had supporters at the event. The door opened at 6pm and the event started at 6:20pm. We premiered our short Film called "The Call Centre", this film shows what it would be like if God had a call centre for prayers and how difficult it would be to pass our prayers to God via a call centre. It was Godly Youths Ministry Production, directed by Shey McLuving. It was written and produced by Elizabeth Adetunde.

The event had a sermon by Pastor Olowoyo of Kingdom Citizens International Church. The event ended with a Blast, in which we had a praise jam session.



We had a saxophonist named Charles Olaoye. He opened the event with a blast. He has been playing for 30 years and enjoys what he does. He played sweet tunes and our souls were lifted.

You can check out Charles Olaoye on Facebook.


Seun Dancer Boy has been dancing for a long time. He loves dancing and dances in different events. He has danced in music videos for CalledOut Music. Seun is humble and friendly. He is never shy to show what he has got. Ask him to show a step and he will. Seun performed to Heard My Cry by Donald Lawrence.

Follow Seun Dancer Boy on Facebook and Instagram.

Spoken word:

Courage Adeniyi is a writer, he loves writing, he has passion for words and he his good at bringing deep thoughts to mind. He picks his word beautiful and can bring you to awe with his amazing writing style. Courage is also GY's editor.

Follow Courage on Facebook.


Esther Opiyo is the Founder of Get bare before God. She is a Youtuber and she is a singer. She has such an amazing voice. She has been singing for a long time and performs in different event. Esther is an inspiring young lady with a heart for Christ.

Follow Esther on Instagram.

Supporting the Event was GIG, EMD ORGANIC and The AFROSTYLIST

TheAfrostylist sells African accessories, different African countries pendant, outfits and many more. You can check them out on Instagram.

EMD Organic is a beauty company, they sell natural home made products for hair and skin. EMD Organic caters for all hair types and skins. Follow EMD Organic on Instagram

GIG movement is a charity organisation, they are a non-profitable organisation and aims to make positive impact in young peoples lives. They sell cloths to sponsor young people in Africa. Follow GIG Movement on Instagram.

See Bellow for Our Praise Jam Session and Pictures from the event.


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