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Write that Prayer

YOO!, Write That Prayer.

Prayer is amazing, praying is amazing. Most of the time or majority of the time, most people pray with their mind, or by speaking out loud etc.

Some people do not know how to pray and some people pray in different ways; for example some people pray by;

Jumping Left, Right and Centre

Dancing Rolling on the floor Shouting

Screaming Crying Clapping

Praying is a way of communicating with God. Some people can pray for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour or even more. Some people start to pray and fall asleep, (Guilty), some people pray and their mind wonders off.

Prayer is between an individual and God.

God is not interested in long prayers without the right mind, or with words or thoughts that has no meaning. God is interested in a real communication, not a show off prayer, not a "I can quote this many bible passages in my prayers" or "I can speak in tongue". Praying can be as little as saying "God, I am tired, give me strength", "God, I am thankful for waking up this morning", "Lord bless my day", "Lord heal my friend", because your prayer is short does not mean you cannot pray or you are incapable of praying, or your prayers are insignificant.

God is interested in a true prayer, a meaningful prayer, even if you are sad, happy, say your mind to him, he his ready to listen, whether you pray in your mind, pray out loud, pray and cry, or write your prayers down. God is forever listening.

This is for those who do not know how to pray either with words in their mind or even speaking prayers out, or feel like they are struggling; WRITE IT OUT or DRAW IT OUT.

Get a prayer journal, it can be any journal, or any ordinary book. Write your prayers or heart desires, your wishes, you thoughts, your appreciation. You can always start from this, it can help you with praying out loud. When you are writing down your prayers, the Lord can hear your mind, he can hear what you are saying in your mind or what you are thinking in your mind.

Tips for prayer journals

  • Get a nice notebook that you will look at and not find boring.

  • Write your prayers and thoughts.

  • Write Bible passages that means something to you.

  • Write prophesies, word of encouragement and visions from others and yourself.

  • Write in gospel songs that came to your mind; singing can be prayers too.

  • Date each input.