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Faith In The Wait For The Bae (My Man With The Pointy Shoes).

It is a universal truth that a great percentage of the individuals on the face of the planet are interested in the idea of marriage and relationships. We are often eager for That Big Day, where we declare our love for one another wearing a shiny Tux or a long white dress. Some of you ladies may not even want a white dress, it could be yellow, purple or brown, your choice however I am acutely aware of growing number of dissatisfied waiting Christian singles who just want that dream husband or wife already. We all have our hopes regarding who our spouse will be, their like and dislikes and most importantly their family members. Nobody wants to be treated like Cinderella by an evil mother or father in law, it is a simple fact that we would like to get along with our spouses’ respective families.

The Valentines Love Bug.

Around this time of year (valentines) your singleness becomes more apparent as love is celebrated everywhere you turn, so let me share a little something about my experience. Even if you are in a relationship, trust me this will be a good read. Yes, I Say so! You see, I and my sisters have this #2020 #asoebi thing going on and I just can’t wait for this to manifest into reality, I’m sure you’re probably thinking that I already have a man, well you are wrong, I am as single as a pringle. Yes S-I-N-G-L-E. I sometimes feel like my husband is on the other side of the world taking his sweet time doing up his shoe laces (His pointy toe shoes)!

Faith in this waiting game.

A big lesson I have learnt is that without faith we can do or achieve nothing. Please don’t run yet, I know you hear the word faith many times in many situations but come back.

So, we know that the biblical definition of faith is as “Having belief in is stated in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Which means we hope for the bae, even though there is no evidence of the bae, we believe that God has already prepared him or her and that he or she is around the corner.

So let’s talk about what I think we need to do as single people waiting on the Lord for our bae in the pointy shoes to come (your bae whether girl or boy can still have a pointy toe shoe).

Tips or single pringles in waiting.

  • We need to realise that faith does not work if it is not in God. If you have faith in your works, your beauty, your car, house, education, tallness, shortness, body, money then you have gotten it wrong. To have faith in God is to have a thriving relationship with Him. When you have a thriving relationship with him you will be able to believe his best for you and know his best for you, this include his timing, your purpose, your marriage purpose etc. moreover, your faith and believe and true relationship with God will allow you to have a standard of what you want your future spouse to be. At least, that is my experience and others around me in the Faith.

  • Whilst you’re single, build yourself etc. yea you have read that before, but I will jump to the other side, trusting that you know and are doing that. If you are not please, watch yourself and review where you are and where you want to be and what you are doing at all. You cannot get into a relationship and be finding yourself there, yes you may get to understand yo