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In Your Youth

We are so blinded by our environment, culture, way of life and convenience. There are lots of opportunity and bliss, like it or not! You know this organised way of life, 24/7 electricity, nonstop entertainment etc. It is easy to get material goods for example, a 3 year old having an iPhone or Ipad! Life is made to look so simple therefore we forget that there is more to life, and it is extremely fascinating.

We forget that we are fighting against principalities and powers. It is more obvious to people in the less developed countries because they have to struggle every day to acquire the little they have. It has been coming to my mind for a while now, the fact that I actually have been so blinded to the truth and the actual reality of life. Especially as a youth, I have an idea of the future, what I want, who I want to be and all that. Right now, it seems easy, I feel like I can just swerve my way around and get these things. But at this stage I haven’t really experienced life, and if I do believe I have, it’s funny because there’s still more to come.

I’m so relaxed to life and to the thing of God, I literally wake up in the morning, say my prayers, read a verse or two in the Bible and when I feel like yeah I have surpassed my normal routine, I’d read a whole chapter and pat myself at the back thinking I have done a big deal of a job. But is that really all there is to life. Is my iPhone, TV programs, laptop, social life all there is to life or am I been blinded to a big war I’m to be fighting against from now.

My point is, our content, convenience, enjoyment right now, at this age, in our youth is a façade, it is a wall, a dark yet so transparent wall, blocking us from seeing what life is really about. During our youth, we really should limit our thoughts and life to the little things we are doing now, there are a lot of thing we are yet to face, and this time is the time to start preparing to face them, you know all these 5 minutes prayers won’t do it, these one Bible verse a day won’t work, but true commitment to God prepares us for what is yet to come. If we waste our time on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and don’t start investing in our future, heaven and in the battles that are yet to come then we will miss the road big time. See this things are not bad but there should be time for God in our life.

Maybe if we start praying for our future marriages now we won’t end up getting a divorce.

Maybe if we start praying for our future career we will end up in big places.

Maybe if we start praying for our future children, they will be greater than our imagination, maybe they will be great workers of God and our world.

Maybe if we start praying for the kingdom of heaven, for our society, our churches, maybe God will do wonders, maybe he will change our generation.

We really need to start now and with God’s grace we will do beyond our own thoughts.

Ecclesiastes12: 1 –

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them”

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