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Children Services & Programmes

Knowing God 

We have a range of mentoring programmes both online and in person suitable for children. They are designed to encourage children in their relationship with God and to build a solid foundation in their faith. Why not download our mentoring programme booklet and get in touch to sign your child(ren) up. 

Knowing God More

Our resources are designed to help children develop a love for God through engaging activities that are both fun and meaningful. Our free subscription offer a wide range of materials that are perfect for families looking to deepen their faith and bond together. From interactive games and devotionals to family-friendly challenges, we provide the tools you need to strengthen your children's spiritual foundation.

Displaying God

Your children can join our dance club known as DoubleC Club, it takes place twice a month with experienced dance teachers. Join our gospel dance club with like minded children and display God with your talents. 

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