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The Girl I Fell In Love With...

I met a lady once whom I fell in love with. I was older than her, but I made myself really low and really accessible to her. And because of how much I loved her, I was willing to settle for just being a friend. Although, I felt like a distant friend.

She knew, on some level, that I really liked her. But, I don’t think she really appreciated how much I really cared for her. Anytime she called, I’d drop everything to attend to her. I don’t think anything was as important as her then.

But she friend-zoned me. Every time we hung out, I would cry afterwards. She’d constantly, knowingly or unknowingly insult me. She’d never wanted to spend time with me one on one..

So, I started to reduce the time I spent with her. I only hung out with her in our group of friends. Those times were really lonely, because she was also, sort of, the only person I wanted to be close to.

I remember being completely heartbroken every time she spoke about other guys. Everyone else saw how much she meant to me, except her. And I needed her to see that. But she didn’t see me that way. Occasionally she’d text to see if I’m still in town, or alive, that kind of thing. But recently, we connected again and for the better…


If you think about it, that’s exactly how some of us see God. He’s never brought up, except in awkward religious conversations that people avoid.

For some, He doesn’t exist. For others, He is just an idea forced on by parents, of good and evil, judgement and going to church. Yet, for some, He’s just a title you swear by.

But He exists, and He would want you to know Him, to know how much he cares about you, about every single pain, every question, every confusion, struggle that you go through. He would want to tell you how much He loves you.

All you need to do is to honestly and sincerely ask Him to reveal Himself to you. And He will.

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