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FRESH Horror

So, in light of recent public health events, it’s important to remember what the bible says.

3 John 1: 1

"From the elder. To my dear friend Gaius, whom I truly love.

Dear friend, I’m praying that all is well with you

and that you enjoy good health in the same way

that you prosper spiritually."

Paul was writing to a fellow Christian guy named Gaius, who was his friend. He’d heard a few things that were going on in his life; people who were his friends, and Paul were wishing good things to him.

You should know that above all things, God does wish that you be in good health. Good health, you’ll agree with me covers the mental, the emotional, the physical, the sexual, the financial and the social aspects of life.

We know this because, the Bible says in;

3 John 1:2

The elder unto the well-beloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest

prosper and be in health, even as thy

soul prospereth.

Let's break this down

  1. ‘I wish, above all things…’ Meaning: My primary concern is That thou mayest prosper’. ‘Prosper’ is defined as; ‘succeeding in material terms; flourish physically – grow strong and healthy’ (Oxford Dictionary)

  2. The passage also goes on to say …and be in health, even as your soul prospereth”. "Soul" is defined as ‘a person’s spiritual or immaterial part, widely regarded as immortal’. It is also a person’s emotional nature or sense of identity’ (Bing Search).

So, redefining the scripture, armed with the meanings of all the big words says

“My primary concern is that you succeed materially, flourish physically, and be in health, even as your emotional nature and/or your sense of identity (let’s go with the word “flourish” again) flourishes”.

There is one part of health that some of us, modern-day Christians over spiritualise i.e. Mental health. But we forget that our ability to hold on to faith, stems from that part of us. But Jesus Christ consoles us, in John 16:33 saying

"I’ve said these things to you so that you will have peace in me.

In the world you have distress. But be encouraged!

I have conquered the world."

There will be issues, relationships, job roles, friendships that will challenge you to your core. You will hear opinions that will cause you depression. If you think it won’t happen to you, you may be lying to yourself. Glory to God, Jesus Christ offers the ultimate life hack: “I. Have. Conquered. The. World.”.

That is you sorted then.

In addition to these wonderful and encouraging words, the bible offers ways to keep our head, and our emotions clear.

Romans 12:2 reminds us

"Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God—what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect." 

Unfortunately for our generation, life became complicated. So complicated that, the life hacks our parents used, that worked for them, doesn’t seem to work anymore. For example, we were led to believe that if one worked hard, success was a guarantee. Success isn’t even a guarantee in this generation. We are needing to become smart, sometimes too smart, sometimes beyond the lines of morals. And with the need to survive financially, comes that added pressure that weighs heavily on our souls.

We’re being reminded to be ourselves in Christ, not a definition of what fresh horror the world introduces daily. Don’t conform yourself to the standard of this world, because the standards of the world changes constantly. But when you have God, holding on to Him, His comfort and His standards, living becomes easier. Life doesn’t get easier but living it gets easier because He transforms you, meaning He changes your way of handling life challenges. And whatever battles you face, just remember Exodus 14:14

"The LORD will fight for you. You just keep still.”


Thank you Father, for your love towards me. Thank You for the challenges I face, on a daily basis. I realise that I cannot handle life on my own. I therefore surrender my battles to you (name them…health battles, finance battles, social battles, emotional battles, etc.), that you will fight for me, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.


Written by - Courage Adeniyi

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