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What can separate us from the Love of God? Part 2

What shall separate us from the Love of God? (Part 2)

Paul was asking a very deep question. This is the same love Jesus Christ gave, that was described in

John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

This was Jesus Christ actually telling us that no one could ever have this kind of love for anyone. If you have listened to that famous Bee Gee song; To Love Somebody, the song was telling the lady in question that she would never be able to really understand the quantity, or the quality of the love he had for her. Paul illustrated something similar, even though far better in Romans 8. In fact, he lists everything that can discourage someone from love. So, Paul asks;

Romans 8:32b

Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

Let me give an example, so that we understand.


There’s a story of a couple, Callum and Sophie, they were called, that married young. They were hardcore party rockers before they got married. Obviously, they were in love with each other; got married really quick and started to live life.

Life was good for a while until cracks began to show. The man was keeping long days and the woman was keeping long nights. Soon rumours began to circulate that they both were cheating on each other. They were both quarrelling with each other, fighting, hurting each other wherever possible. But somehow, they still loved each other somewhat. So, they both agreed to separate for a while.

As time went on, Callum found God, gave his life to Christ. He began attending a church. Of course, there were rumours that he’d gone to church just for the girls. The lady was seriously pained. She started drinking more, partying more, and having orgies in club toilets. One of those times, she was found, passed out in a bin behind one of those clubs. Callum was called, and he responded immediately. The state he met her in, made him cry. He still loved her, and he was hoping they would get back together. He brought her home, cleaned her up, cooked and left her to sleep it off.

Convinced that Callum was still sleeping with girls in church and wanting to equate or overtake his ‘body count’, Sophie continued. Each time, Callum was always cleaning her messes up, sometimes, if he was called in time, saving her from being taken advantage off. She eventually called him over one day asked him:

“Why are you punishing me?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Callum replied.

Oh, you know what I’m talking about” she said. Indeed, he knew. He’d heard those rumours as well and laughed it off. He just wished she asked him about it. But she didn’t, and here they were. Well then….