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Children at School

Children & Young People's Club

Have a look at some of our children and young people club. Register your children via the link below. 

Age : 3 - 9 Years Old

Truth Readers (Summer Holidays Only)

Bring your children to our book club, let them engage in amazing Bible story books! Suitable for age 3-9 years old.

Blue International Children’s Book Day Commercial Poster-3.png

Age : 4-11 & 12-16

Club3:!6 (Kids and Teens)

An amazing club for your children to learn, play, pray and have fun. This club is suitable for children age 4-11 and 12-16 years old. 


Age : 12 - 17 Years Old


A gathering to pray and play. Separate groups for girls and boys to play, pray discuss and encourage each other in the Lord. 


Age: 7-16

Art, Drama and Choir Clubs Coming Soon

Come and take part in amazing performing arts with like minded young people. 


Register your children now! Our team members will get in touch. 

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